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  • Ben Portnoi

What we do & how do we help our clients?

Why have we launched the Hybrid House?

The Hybrid House is here to help businesses drive growth and build revenue in a flexible and cost-efficient fashion. Our model helps greatly increase capacity and capability, enabling marketers to do more with less, through using our innovative and modern approach.

Why did we create our business?

The marketing field is going through a lot of changes, very quickly.

There is a massive shortage of talent in the industry, which is affecting agencies and brands alike. With data jobs alone increasing at 3x the normal market rate.

There are massive issues over the talent shortage, with both brands and agencies struggling to fill roles, often needing to over pay junior staff and promoting people above their capability.

What are the challenges we are helping to solve?

Agencies are great at innovation and ideation. They are experts are staying on top of trends and used to working in a collaborative and quick fashion. But they are short on resource, expensive, stretched and often detached from their client’s businesses.

Whilst simultaneously we see that marketers are expected to look after more and more. Whether it’s data, saas platforms, or managing meta and google. Teams size is largely the same, and we are all expected to do more with less.

The outcome being that marketers struggle to embrace every opportunity they have.

How do we work?

Our model throws off the shackles of the traditional agency structure and considers how can we make the biggest impact in the quickest way.

Our solutions experts work as an extension of your team, allowing them to understand your business challenges and act quickly to drive growth. Avoiding the time-lag, cost and misunderstandings associated with the traditional agency model.

We then utilise our tried and tested global partners.

Because we know that a social media manager in Cape Town or creative designer in Lisbon can be just as effective as a grad in London, they are just a lot cheaper. Any local knowledge challenges are negated through our client services experts who know your market and strive to understand the intricacies of your business. They also manage all project delivery with our partners & will work hand in glove with your team, to make sure we activate in a way that suits your business.


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