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  • Ben Portnoi

The Audience Advantage: The Inside-Out Approach Sports and Ents in 2024

Updated: Feb 14

Why is this opportunity pronounced for sports, ents and events?

These sectors have often relied on the great stories, loyal fans and a wealth of great digital IP to attract fans and customers.

However, as consumers' engagement with entertainment brands evolves, with the rise of new, different and snackable content, it has become increasingly difficult to build a long term relationship with fans.

Furthermore, privacy regulations and the decline of cookies have reshaped the marketing terrain, making it imperative for brands to turn their focus inwards to nurture audience growth. At our agency, we are dedicated to assisting businesses in understanding, expanding, and monetising their audiences effectively.

Why prioritise audience growth?

Personalisation and relevance stand as the linchpins for securing long term relationships with consumers. By harnessing audiences, businesses can model against successful strategies, develop lookalikes, and lay the foundation for long term growth.

This approach allows for the execution of true multichannel campaigns, empowering email, direct mail, notifications and organic social. Whilst steering away from a total reliance on paid marketing. Leveraging this multi channel approach is increasingly essential in the modern marketing world to drive standout and stay relevant.


Integration of Audiences into Advertising Campaigns

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, marketers now have the capability to seamlessly upload CRM audiences to social platforms, digital display and Google. This breakthrough enables the creation of highly relevant and targeted campaigns tailored to established audiences.

With the right strategy, marketers can efficiently deploy re-engagement or upsell campaigns to specific audiences, facilitating ladder-up efforts and improving overall lifetime value.

Introducing Amplify – The Performance Activation Platform

The Hybrid House proudly presents Amplify, our latest platform designed to expedite and monetise audience and data for brands. Operating through a privacy-safe, cookie-free software, Amplify automates custom audience creation, updating it daily to drive hyper-relevance in all advertising endeavours. This powerful tool not only empowers brands to target audiences with precision messaging and segmentation but also automatically updates audience profiles based on on-site actions.

For instance, if a customer purchases football boots for their child, the brand can categorise them as a kids' merchandise buyer and subsequently serve them relevant products like shin pads and football socks the next day. By expediting and automating this manual process, we deliver results that are up to 40% more effective, thanks to advanced AI machine learning.

Our mission revolves around aiding businesses in looking inward, understanding their audiences, and leveraging this knowledge for unprecedented growth and monetisation. With Amplify at the forefront, we're pioneering a new era of efficient and effective marketing strategies that transcend the limitations of the digital age.


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