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  • Ben Portnoi

The quickest way of growing your audience is knowing your audience

Simply knowing your customer base isn’t enough, you need to be relevant to get their attention.

The average person sees up to 10,000 ads in a day, so getting cut through is tough.

Being both relevant and knowing your audience should be essential to any brand that wants to build long term sustainable growth.

By knowing their audience, segmenting them, and having relevant communications brands can provide a better service and subsequently have more commercial success.

Consumers now expect personalised communications. The recent Mckinsey study Next in personalisation report showed that:

· 71% of consumers expect personalisation

· 76% get frustrated when it doesn’t happen

This has led to companies with personalisation processes embedded, generating 40% more revenue than the average. In fact, 78% of consumers said they were likely to make repeat purchases from companies that personalise their communications.

In order to know your audience, brands need to go through a process of:

· Building their audience and capturing relevant first party data

· Understanding the right way to engage consumers

· Segment audiences

· Data analysis to understand what works for each group

· Develop audience personas

· Deploy a personalisation programme

In the past personalisation and customisation was only available to big brands with big budgets.

That has now changed.

The Hybrid House is working with a range of different partners to help brands to know their audience. Which is of course essential for growing their audiences.

Empowering our clients, irrespective of their size to better know their customers, facilitating them to be more relevant and therefore more commercially successful.

If you want to talk over what we can do or how we can help, feel free to reach out!

We love to chat….


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