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  • Ben Portnoi

Chat GPT is a game-changer for building new audiences

Chat GPT is a natural language processor technology (NLP). There are a number of NLPs and differed AI platforms, however, Chat GPT has experienced unprecedented growth, reaching 1.6 billion website visits by March 2023.

This is already having a profound impact on marketing and the approach to copywriting, content creation, and editorial.

People are already becoming comfortable with conversational interfaces provided by NLPs, as can be seen by the recent integration of NLP into Bing. Which instead of deterring engagement has resulted in a significant increase in usage and increases of up to a third of Bing’s user base.

As the impact of AI and NLP grows, consumers will search out and engage with information in a different fashion. This in turn will affect how people use search engines and those brands who rely on paid search and SEO to drive growth.

As consumer behaviour changes and people rely less on traditional search engines and more on direct results from chatbots and other NLP-powered systems, there will be significant implications for brands, as they will need to rethink their approach to SEO and PPC.

For instance;

- Someone traditionally would searched for a phrase such as affiliate marketing strategy - Then clicked on a link and arrived on a specialist website - Where they are then encouraged to pay a consultant for advice

Now they can search this in Chat GPT and implement a predefined strategy articulated for them. Rather than relying solely on SEO or PPC, brands will need to use different tactics to bring in new consumers. How should brands address this challenge?

· Start thinking about the future and make small incremental changes in strategy · Build more brand recognition – through better branding and storytelling · Implement the right infrastructure to understand what works · More paid advertising to bring in new consumers · Build 1st party data & know your customer base · Understand you customer base, be relevant and nurture growth opportunities

Whatever the choice, marketers should be cognisant that the role of search is likely to change. Will there still be a role for branded search terms – such as ‘buy Nike trainers’ or ‘Tottenham tickets.’ However generic terms are likely to become increasingly less effective.

In conclusion, the rise of natural language processing and chatbots will have a significant impact on the marketing ecosystem in the coming years. While there will be short-term challenges for copywriters and editorial teams, the long-term implications are even more significant for those businesses that use search as one of their key channels for driving new consumer engagement.


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