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  • Ben Portnoi

In-housing is growing and for good reason!

There are some great stats continuing to illustrate the on going trend of in-housing, in the in the recent study by the ANA The Continued Rise of the In-House Agency: 2023 Edition.

The topline insights being;

  1. In-housing has continued to grow

  2. Owning strategy, cost efficiencies and controlling data are the key reasons

  3. Supplemented by the efficiencies that are developed through knowing the brand and audience

We have pulled out a few key notes from the ANA article here;

  • The top KPI used to assess the effectiveness of in-house agencies is cost savings, but it decreased in importance from 2018 to 2023 (69% to 62%)

  • The KPI of business performance increased significantly in importance from 2018 to 2023 (45% to 59 %) - a good sign as that is an important KPI for external agencies

  • Data - specifically the desire to own, control, and protect first-party data — is a driver of bringing work in-house

  • Full ownership of marketing data/analysis was noted by 34% of respondents as a benefit of having an in-house agency

  • Advertisers need to have a data management strategy that provides them control and oversight of their data.

  • More specifically, advertisers should take ownership of data with the unhindered ability to store, access, and use those data sets. Taking ownership of the data would also ensure that advertisers are not paying for data that should already belong to them

  • Third-party cookie deprecation increases the importance of marketers having a data strategy to collect first-party data directly from their customers

  • 92% of respondents also work with one or more external agencies

  • Historically, in-house agencies have been about being “cheaper” and “faster” but not necessarily “better” than external agencies. That perception of not being better has been driven by the quality of in-house talent

Agencies do great work, however, the complex and intricate landscape marketers work in house warrants change. In-housing aspects of work can provide great benefits in a number of areas.

Lots of businesses are new to in-housing, with growth expected to continue.

The Hybrid House provides flexible and scalable in-house expertise, putting our agency into our client’s businesses to facilitate greatly increased capability and capacity.

Helping businesses do more with less.

Embracing the new, agile and complementary model.


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